I am new to these forums, please excuse if I am in the wrong spot.

We have currently been tasked with establishing a process in which we
might repliciate certain fields in the Lotus Notes NAB into Novell
EDirectory. Looking at the documentation for Identity Manager 3.6.1
Driver for Lotus Notes, it appears that this Driver was written for just
this task, however I want to clarify one key point; Assuming that all
associated and required pieces of this puzzle meet the functional
specifications as to versions and platforms (as yet to be established),
will the data transfer from Notes TO Novell or only from Novell TO

Obviously this is fundemental to our task. It it only goes from Novell
to Notes this solution is not the right one for us. And if this is the
case, does anyone know of another possible solution?

Thank you VERY much in advance.

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