I'm trying to add an AD Group entitlement policy to my Entitlements Services
IDM 3.51, IR4a.

I get to the point of assigning entitlements in iManager, and I pick
thedriver. It retrieves the 3 available entitlements from the driver. I
select "Group Membership Entitlement" from the list, and a popup window
tells me that the driver is not currently running, and must be started so a
query can be made.


Although my Driver set is assigned to multiple servers, and the AD driver is
running on a different server than my entitlements driver, I don't believe
either of these are the issue: I already have the AD Account and MSEXchange
entitlements running successfully in this config.

so any ideas on the popup box that tells me my AD driver is not running,
when it clearly is?



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