I started working my way through the Business Logic driver that is part
of the CMP extensions for SAP stuff.

Very interesting! I am learning something with every policy object!

Maybe I will try and write up each step of the policy? Will probably
take like 20 articles. Hmm, yay! Maybe I will!

Wondering if anyone else has done this, and understands what is going on?

I can summarize two bits quickly:

This is actually a Work Order driver rebadged. Used for two functions.

1) For the SAP HR driver, used to manage RELATIONSHIP data out of SAP
HR, that kind of sucks in the 3.5 HR driver version. (I still need to
work through the 3.6.1 driver to see how it has changed).

Looks like it can do the O-C-S-P stuff. And I can see that my approach
of one giant monolithic rule to handle it is broken into something like
20 smaller policy objects. Not sure if either is easier to read!

2) For SAP GRC driver, since GRC events may have time delays in both
directions, generates and manages Work ORders and WO To Dos to manage
the time delay.

Sub-Event Transform policies do all the part 1 stuff, and the WO stuff
looks to be mostly in the Pub channel.

Very interesting. Should probably track all the stuff I am learning to
write up for others!

Would love to talk to someone about this driver, to see what I have
missed, since there is so much of interest in this one!