I have a question regardng the Active Directory driver:

I have a policy on the Subscriber Command transformation that is
supposed to add a user to an AD group when the user's employeeType
changes to 'C'. I also have a rule in the Subscriber Create policy that
will add new users with employeeType 'C' to that same group. (BTW - No,
we are not syncing eDir and AD groups).

Whenever I create a new user with employeeType 'C', the user is
properly added to the group. But it also looks like the data is being
sent back by the remote loader (?) and the rule in the subscriber
command transformation policy is being evaluated and executed again.

Can someone help me understand why the data (input) is being
'processed' through the subscriber channel a second time?

(Trace attached)

Thanks so much in advance, Jordan

|Filename: AD-group-trace.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=3837 |

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