I have a workflow that is populating the description attribute with comma
delimited information about some hardware a user would require. I would
like to split out the contents of the attribute and append it to the XML
document so I can then add it to an email that is being sent. The contents
of the description would be something like:

Cubicle Location: 121B,Workstation Choice: laptop1,Workstation Notes:
asdfasdfsadfa,Desk Phone Required: true,Cell Phone Required: true,Cell Phone
Type: upgradedCell

I've written a rule using the SPLIT action to pull out the contents, but I'm
having trouble appending it to the XML doc and making it available for the
email I need to send. My rule looks something like this:

<do-append-xml-element expression="." name="operation-data"/>
<do-append-xml-element expression="./operation-data" name="equipment"/>
<token-split csv="true" delimiter=",">
<token-attr name="Description"/>
<do-trace-message level="3">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">Device Info: </token-text>
<token-local-variable name="current-node"/>
<do-append-xml-text expression="./operation-data/equipment">
<token-local-variable name="current-node"/>

What am I missing here?? Any help is appreciated!!