Hi all,

I have a design question, may be a bit complex. I'll try to be clear.

User accounts from an HR source are created in ID Vault. Users are from
different countries.

Some days later, accounts have to be created in other connected system
Obviously, the due date to create accounts in connected systems is not
the same for all countries.

So I'm thinking of doing that this way :

1 - The HR driver create account in the Vault
2 - The Loopback driver compute the due date, considering the user's
country, and create an entry for the Work Order driver
3 - On the due date, the WorkOrder driver "fired" the creation of one
or more entitlements
4 - Finally, Entitlements allow accounts creations in the connected
system where they have to be created.

What do you think about that ?

Thank for your answers.


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