I've just started seeing Java errors in one of my IDM drivers, and
objects aren't reassociating properly. Documentation suggests this is
due to a schema mismatch between the trees (ref TID #3963545). As far
as I can tell, this started when I installed an eDir 8.8 server --
a replica of [Root] -- in the ID vault tree. There's at least one 8.8
server in the destination (prod) tree, but all *replica* servers in
that tree are 8.7x.

I've attached tracelogs from both sides of the connector. The ones
beginning with 'Sync' cover a simple attribute change between two
associated objects. The other two show an attempt to reassociate a user
object and the resulting Java error.

If it is a schema mismatch between the vault and prod trees, what's the
best way to resolve it? If it's not related to schema, what might it


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