I have not yet tried, but was trying to think of how to phrase a query
to return me the schema definitions...

Working on an idea Joakim suggested, of writing a generic rule to
pre-validate attrs according to schema...

The 4 attr tokens won't work as they need an attribute and an object,
which does not quite apply to schema.

Query is a wrapper for srcCommandProcessor (or dest depending on your
direction). So it might, need to read the options and see if I can
construct a reference to schema or not.

I suspect I will have no choice but to use Lothar's LDAP code to query
for cn=schema and parse that puppy.

Wondering if I forgot something...

Hmm, can the document token see schema? But would schema be named then?

Can I call getSchema() direct and handle the results? The drivers
clearly know how to do it...