Hi Geoffrey and Rudi,

Can you please guide me on the following issue..

This issue was discussed earlier...Both of you had advised me earlier
on how to handle new sap positions .I request your guidance on solving
this issue...

Issue is as follows:
Our SAP HR driver is set to receive future and historic cvents. So, the
complete history of the position comes. When there is a rename of a
position (S object), the entire history comes and the driver takes the
first position entry (instead of the last one)...usually this is the
firstinitial title the user had..
20000099 01.04.2009 31.05.2009 Manager - Procurement(Constructions)
20000099 01.06.2009 05.07.2009 Manager-Sourcing Group Manager-CAPEX
20000099 06.07.2009 31.12.9999 Manager Procurement Manager

When a position gets renamed or I want to discard the older (old
titles) and have the driver take only the correct value..(or the last

As you advised before I guess this involves going through the multiline
and extracting the correct data.. This is not for new positions, but for
already existing positions (S objects) (association existing

Can you please guide me on how to handle this..Really appreciate the
great help.

Thanks and regards,

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