::just discovered the following strange behaviour, which mean to me that
IDM 3.6.1 cannot work wit local variable $current-node correctly within
ECMA Scripts.::

::What I have done:::

::I wrote a small ECMA Script function, which has to split a given
string with a delimiter I hand over as a parameter of the function and
it should return back a specific value within this spltted string.

::function getSubValue(s_value,subpart,delimiter){::

:: var subvalue = s_value.split(delimiter);::
:: return subvalue[subpart];::

::Nothing special so far, but helps to handle complex
strings much easier.::
If I call this now from the Argument Builder:


::I will get an Java Error:
\"com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathEvaluationException : TypeError: split is not
a function.\".::

::If I do now the following: 1st I set a local
variable to the value of current-node:::

::<do-set-local-variable name=\"LV_C_Value\"
::<token-local-variable name=\"current-node\"/>::

and now I call my function by using this local variable
instead of $current-node::: ::


::then it works!!!::

::For me this is Magic. May be someone has an explanation, as I don't
like to set up local variables just for fun.


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