I would like the best practice on allowing Multiple Authoritative
Sources in Novell IDM solution.

In an ideal world, we have 1 authoritative source, say HR system, and
add, edit and delete all happens to that authoritative source and all
connected systems get updated based on the HR system updates.

In real world that we live in, there are multiple authoritative sources
and we need to accommodate the need. After some thinking around, I
thought maybe we can have 1 data store (say text file or another
repository) to merge 2 authoritative source. I guess timing of the
edits coming in from 2 authoritative source would need to be
synchronized. Other than the timing, this could infact save me from
reworking out new business cases whenever a new data source claims to be
another authoritative source. I will simply merge that source, too.

1) What is the best way to resolve the authoritative source?
2) What is the best practice to implement the solution using Novell

Thank you,


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