Hello all,

Problem with Addriver not picking up changes for group objects from AD.
Filter is ok, I can "migrate into..." and select group and get them all.
On subsequent changes of the groups - nothing is picked up. Filter is
set to sync group objs and AD should own them. I can see in RL trace
that filter comes from eDir to RL with all obj classes and then when the
driver has started it does the first query for changes and is says:

ADdriver: Publisher DirSync
Filter: (|(objectClass=user))
<here comes all attribs for user class>

then it never does a query for groups (or ou:s) so it must be some sort
of ... error somewere.

Shouldn't the Filter in the above query be an OR:ed combo of all
classes in the IDM filter?

IDM version: according to RL log
Windows 2003
RL on domain controller

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