Hi all,

I have a strange situation that I'm trying to solve:
- my driver is triggered on 2 (string) attributes
- it needs to send out an emails as soon as 1 of the attributes get's
the value '0', comming from '1'. It does NOT need to send out emails if
one of the attributes is '0' and the other toggels between '1' and '0'.

This seems rather simple:
- If you get an event, changing one of the attributes from '1' to '0',
query the store for the other attribute and see if it is '1'. If it is,
send out an email, otherwise not.
These 2 attributes get changed quickly one after another. The query
performed above returns an ALREADY CHANGED value, making it think that
the value is '0' (it is at query time, but it is was not at event time).
The timestamp attribute in the query result document has a timestamp
after the event time. The result is that no email is sent out. :-(

Any clue on how to solve this?
- look at the timestamp value of the query result document might give
an indication: we can see that the value returned in the query result
document is more recent, but we do not know the old value (the value at
event time), which is required in my scenario....
- Is it possible to eg make a query take into account the event cache
(the event for the other document is still in the cache)?
- Other options?



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