Hi all,
I was wondering if it's possible to develop a driver "based upon the
ActiveDirectory driver architecture" and use it solely for password
synchronization. To explain the situation...

We are using a eDirectory / Identity Manager 3.51 with serveral
connectors to applications and databases. Recently I got the request to
build a new driver and synchronize user data from eDir to Active
Directory. (ActiveDir isn ot managed by me) But, and that's what worries
me, I have to synchronize only the passwords from eDir to
ActiveDirectory since the users are already created in the AD with
MIIS/ILM. But it seems that MIIS/ILM cannot synchronize passwords!???
And, to make it little more complicated, the service account I have to
use to synchronize user data only has the right to create/modify the
user's passsword. Is it possible to create such a driver and how?


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