I'm using IDM 3.51 and I need something to manage attribute on a
We extend some group object to add "MemberUID" attribute.

Now I would like to create a loopback rules in the Event transform do
do this.

1) detect if the class is "group" (that's fine I can handle that part
2) detect change of the attribute "member" (that's seem to be fine
3) detect if we "add-value" the attribut (a new member)
Then add the same member in the "memberUID" attribute also.
If the modify attribute is "remove-value" then I have to delete
the value in the "memberUID" attribute also..

That's seem to be simple, but I'm stuck at line 3 where I should detect
the type of modification.. I don't see any way to detect if it's a "add"
or "remove" operation attribute.

I filter or trig on the Group object because all attributes operations
is done on the Group object only.

Hope that's clear

If you have any idea let me know.. Thanks


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