Hi- Allow me to provide some context. In my environment (using UA v
3.7), the assignment of a role to a user in turn assigns a resource to
that user. The resource then assigns an entitlement to the user. I have
set up a loopback driver (much like the one Father Ramon showed in this
Cool Solution: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/19204.html), to
consume the entitlement and use it to assign the user to a group.

I want to email a user only when they are added to a specific group.
How can I do this? The trace shows that the group assignment occurs in a
"direct command from policy". I'm not familiar with this action, but it
appears not pass through any policies, leaving me unable to create a
rule that triggers an email notification. Would it be easier to send the
email upon the role, resource or entitlement assignment? How would this
be done?

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