Server with AD: W2008R2(AD)+DirXMLLoader(idm3.61 or idm3.51)
Server wiith IDM: OES2SP1+IDM3.51

Synchr users/password ONLY from the eDir -> AD.
This work OK.

Steps for duplicate problem:
1). Reboot server OES2SP1 (with IDM)
2). Server UP. IDM - UP (Green). But in the Subscriber Status log i
see errors: problem connect to the DirXMLLoader....
3). On the server with AD stop and start DirXMLLoader.
After thic connection from IDMserver --> DirXMLLoader - not UP.
In the DirXMLLoader log-file(on the w2008R2 server) i see this errors:
DirXML: [11/17/09 09:27:56.39]: Loader: Verifying command port...
DirXML: [11/17/09 09:27:57.42]: Loader: Verifying driver can be
DirXML: [11/17/09 09:27:57.42]: Loader: Initializing SSL encryption...
DirXML: [11/17/09 09:28:19.76]: Loader: Waiting for DirXML to connect
on 'TCP server socket, port 8090, address localhost, using SSL'...
And wait, wait, wait...
4) back to the OES2SP1withIDM and manual stop an start Driver edir2vd.
After this all work..

Any comments or suggestion, please.


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