We are trying to sync users from edir to ADAM. Our schema contains a few
aux classes (with almost 50 optional only attributes). The schema has
been extended in ADAM to match edir.

As a part of the user add event when attempted to add the auxclass to
the add event, the driver fails with ldap-rc="65"
OBJ_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION. Then we took the XML of the failed event and
generated a ldif file (containing the aux obj class and a few aux
attributes) and ran it directly against ADAM (ldifde) and it works like
a charm.

So to test further, the command x rule was modified to add the aux
object class and one single aux attr explicitly after the add event
instead of during the add event and that (modify event) works successfully.

So the question is how should the auxiliary class be handled when it
comes to AD? Should the aux object class and its attributes be always
updated after the add event? Is there a better way to handle this since
the schema has more than 50 aux attributes?

Thanks for the suggestions.