geoffc;1882947 Wrote:
> Something funny is going on that I do not understand.
> When doing an add/set of dest attr, you can choose,
> Add before, after, direct or to current doc.
> Yet I have unqiueID set-dest to current, in the Pub Placement, and it
> is
> showing up in a separate doc... Like it was set to after.
> Working through it, I see that the previous two actions (based on the
> Else of an if-then-else token) were add dest attr, when=after.
> I wonder if the 'current doc' context changes, once you do a single
> when=after token?
> I moved it to before that IF-THEN block and it changed. Thats all I
> changed...
> This is annoying.
> IDM 3.6.1 on SLES 10 SP2. eDir 883 FTF2 (as it turns out! Oops, at
> least two bugs we need fixed that are in 885 ftf1, or even 883 ftf3!
> Oops, we will get there the sunday before thanksgiving...)

hmmm...this is interesting and I take a stab at this.

because you're doing a set-dest-attr of uniqueID, to my knowledge, this
will remove all values from the uniqueid attribute on the dest object.
well, if the object is not there to begin with (since it's an add), the
set-dest-attr is valid only during a modify operation, which will be
applied after the add.

try changing the add-dest-attr (in the placement policy) to

again..just my theory.

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