REMOTE server: WIN2008R2_64bit_2CPU with AD(domain and forest
functional level: Windows Server 2008 ) and with remote Driver for AD.

If reboot server OES2SP1 - DIRXMLLoader service on the W2008 -
freeze... And only when manual stop (kill, process not stop normal) and
start - service work again.

Any body have this problem ?

Which one lates version dirxmlloader service ?

About dirxmlloader:
File version:
Product name: Novell Identity Manager
Product version: 3.5.1
Size: 1,60MB
Data modified: 10.10.2007 22:04
Language: English(United States)
Original filename; dirxml_remote.exe

About: ADdriver.dll
Size: 672KB
Date modified: 23.12.2008 1423
(Get this ADdriver.dll from the IDMExService.exe from the /32 folder.
(when get this driver from the /64 folder - Service not started....
and c:\windows\system32\PassSyncConfig.cpl from this file too ).


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