Hi All,

I'm on the verge of upgrading and migrating an older Netware (6.5 sp6)
IDM 2.01 setup to IDM 3.61 on OES2.

So far I've read I need to;

1) first upgrade the IDM components on Netware to 3.51, upgrade the
policies, upgrade the remote loader.

2) Then I can install and add a 3.6 server (running on the OES2) and
migrate the Netware services/drivers to it.

What I'm not sure of is that the 3.5 install notes mention a
requirement of Novell Audit 2.0.2 or Novell Sentinel 5.1.3. Both of
these products are not installed in this customers infra...

IDM is only used to sync AD with eDir. Are Novell Audit 2.0.2 or
Novell Sentinel 5.1.3 a hard requirement (e.g. do I need this) or are
they only needed in certain scenarios?

Thanks for any insights!


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