Hi, we recently upgraded our main production edirectory tree to Netware
Since doing so we now cant see the link/button for Identity Manager
administration which is normally located on the left hand side where all
the other administration links/buttons are.

We have:

Main live edir tree > Identity manager Tree > Active Directory
live-tree idmanager-tree Microsoft

The button/links are missing in the live-tree within the imanager.
This happened the moment we upgraded to NW65SP8.

The idmanager-tree is running NW65SP5 - this was not upgraded, ONLY

Does anyone know how we can get this back as we need to administer
requests/processes from our live-tree to push forward any updates etc
regarding password syncs but we cant because the button/link is not
there anymore!!

We are running:

Netware 6.5
Identity manager 3


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