Hi all

I'm trying to create a driver that links to AD from our IV and creates a
user based a group membership, all this is ok but one of the requirements is
to rename the destination object to be a randomly generated number. It's a
long story!

Anyway, i've done the code for creating the random number and also checking
for uniqueness in the destination directry but I'm struggling to get the add
event modified to create the custom CN.

For example, if user cn=Billy,ou=user,o=IV is created and added to the group
I want cn=123456,ou=user,o=AD created by the driver in AD. I was planning
the copy the "123456" back to the user in the IV to maintain the

Is this possible and which policy should I be doing it in?

I've tried replacing the CN in the subs creation policy and also modifying
the destination DN, i've also tried doing this in the command transformation
but to no avail.