Say I have a query that returns a nodeset of three values.

I for-each through the results. Then I hit a condition, where I need to
check again that nodeset (inside the first loop).

Can I for-each through the nodeset variable inside the already running
loop through the nodeset variable?

How recursively can you recurse, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (Ok
it is not really recursion, but the tongue twister works better that way).

I realize as I type it that I could XPATH out the value from the nodeset
(it is SAP HR and RELATIONSHIP queries) with a
$VAR//value/component[@name="RELAT"]=008 to figure out if there is a
sibling RELAT value of A008 on the Org Role object... But looping a
second time is just as easy to check.

XPATH rulez! (I gotta get a tshirt made up or something... That
reminds me, I owe Aaron a shirt...)