I have several NW 6.5 (sp7) servers in a single tree and we now have a
few MS Server 2003 Servers in a AD. We will be adding some additional MS
severs for applications. About 250 users total.

IT Dept Skillsets: Novell CNE 3,4,5,6 15 years, GW 5,6.5 some 7 light
on imanager skills. MCSE 2003, MS Server 2000-2007 skillsets.

Looking to possibly implement IDM to be able to sync users pw and user
creation. Looking at the articles "A Guided Tour of Novell Identity
Manager" it looks pretty complicated when compaired to the old NDS for
NT products.

What are the general thoughts as far as licensing, complexity and
maintaining the IDM system as compaired to just managing the NDS Tree
and AD systems?

As far as I know there are no plans to add any 3rd party applications
that can benefit from this (ie peoplesoft etc).

Thanks for any comments.


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