I have a multi valued attribute called legacyExchangeDn that holds mail
The addresses are in string format and looks like
SMTP:address@domain.com, smtp:address@domain.com and

The attribute should only have one value that has SMTP: as prefix.

Now I have several objects that have several values starting with SMTP:
so I would like to write a rule in my null driver that cleans this up.

I have no problem creating the valid SMTP: value but I would like the
other values to stay there.

The rule should remove all existing values starting with SMTP: and then
add the new value.

I have tried with this and similar rules but can't get it to work:

<token-src-attr name="legacyExchangeDn"/>
<if-local-variable mode="case" name="current-node"
<do-remove-src-attr-value name="legacyExchangeDn">
<token-local-variable name="current-node"/>

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