I'm fairly new to IDM. We still have primarily Netware 6.5 in our
environment with the latest service pack. We'd like to do a one way
synchronization from eDirectory to Active Directory. The accounts do
not yet exist in Active Directory, so my hope is that such a sync could
automatically create the accounts in AD, and synchronize basic account
information and passwords. Again, the sync would need to be one way
from eDir to AD. (We would not need bidirectional syncronization from
AD to eDir.) I've tried to pilfer through some of the documentation,
but it's been somewhat hard to follow, with nomenclature I'm not that
familiar with. Could someone possibly fill me in on what would be the
best route to go to accomplish this task? I would need to know what
specifically to install in the Netware environment, and what to install
in Windows on a DC I assume. Also, if there is an easy to follow
document somewhere that specifically describes what I'm trying to
accomplish, that would be just as good. I just need some basic
guidance, and where to look for documents that will help me. Thanks in
advance for anyone's kind assistance.

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