I'm rather new to IDM driver development and trying to get what I hope
will be a fairly straightforward driver written.

My business requirements are fairly simple, I need to selectively copy
users to a new OU based on a set of criteria. The destination will be
part of an in-house "white pages" project that will allow anonymous
binds to provide both a web-based directory service and an LDAP address
book for email clients. For legal reasons I must enable users to opt not
to have their data in the white pages.

In brief I need to:

1. Create new users in the "White Pages" OU provided the "opt out" flag
is not set, or if the "opt out" flag is changing to "no."
2. Associate them with the corresponding user object in the users
3. Delete users in the "White Pages" OU if the "opt out" flag changes
to "yes."
4. Disable logins for user objects in the "white pages" OU.

Can I do this with the Null driver, or do I need to use the Loopback
driver? I've made it work (partially) using the Loopback but I'd prefer
to use the Null driver if I can. I understand how to get the Null driver
to changing source attributes but I haven't had much luck getting it to
actually create & associate new users.

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