Hi All,

I have an exchange connector which feeds the email address obtained
from Exchange system into the attribute 'internet email address' in

We have changed the design in which the email address is now fed into a
new attribute in IDM, called 'xyz'. so the attribute 'internet email
address' is not mentioned in the filter or the schema mapping anywhere.

The notification emails(different scenarios, like in termination,
provisioning,de-provisioning) still have to be sent to email address
contained in the attribute internet email address.

The rules sending these notifications,are written in Input Transform
and Subscriber command transform.The question i have is, can i access
the attribute internet email address, retireve the value, place it in a
local attribute and send an email to that address, inspite of this
attribute internet email address not being present in schema mapping or

Please let me know if im not clear enough, or if i need to provide any
more details.

Thanks in advance.


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