Using PeopleTools 8.49 Windows 2003 Application Server
Data Base: Informix 10 FC 8 on Solaris 10.

On the transaction view records, I値l use DIRXML_TRANS01V in this
example, the field DIRXML_DTTM_ST is defined as a 30 character field in
peoplesoft. But since the field that populates that field on the view
is a datetime field (DIRXML_DTTM), DIRXML_DTTM_ST gets defined as a
datetime field in the Informix db:

Column name Type Nulls
dirxml_dttm_st datetime year to fraction(3) yes
dirxml_driver char(30) no
dirxml_inst integer no
dirxml_assoc_id char(50) no
dirxml_status char(1) no
dirxml_event char(1) no
dirxml_currdttm_st datetime year to fraction(3) yes

This creates a mismatch between the db and psoft and results in sql
errors. To eliminate the problem, I changed the DIRXML_DTTM_ST field in
psoft from a character(30) field to a datetime field (which is 50
bytes). I知 now able to add people to the sample application and they
show up on the DirXML Transaction01 page in Peoplesoft without any
errors. Is my fix acceptable or will it cause problems on the Novell side?

FYI In Informix, datetime variables are stored like this:
dirxml_dttm_st 2009-09-23 11:50:17.000

And displayed on psoft pages like:
Action Date/Time: 09/23/09 11:50:17.000000AM

Any Ideas?