Interesting issue regarding the homeMDB attribute in AD. We have an AD
driver that we are basically querying out to AD in the sub-ctp to check
to see if a user object has the homeMDB attribute set before we will
allow the creation of an Exchange mailbox. We have a secondary query
that runs susequently that is querying the mailNickname attribute as
well. What we have found (shown in the attached trace), is that a query
to AD on the homeMDB attribute comes back FALSE, even though the FQDN of
the mailstore is in AD for this particular user. However, the query of
the mailNickname comes back as TRUE.

Any idea why we would not be able to query this attribute? The driver
is running with Administrator privileges, so I am confident that the
issue is not rights to the data.

|Filename: homeMDB_issue.log |
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