Hi there,

sorry for creating yet another thread about this subject but I can not
seem to find exactly the answer I'm looking for.
I have of course researched where I could, but to no avail ^^'

We have an IDM 3.6.1 running in prod and we would like to add another
one and create a replication between the two.
If I understood correctly, I need to set up an eDir-eDir driver.
My question is, is that driver a separate driver from IDM or is it
included in it ?
On the Download page, I can find -IDM 3.5.1 eDirectory driver version
3.5.1- but no 3.6.1 version.

I'm confused by the fact that I can't find this driver on the download
page, and the fact 'this page'
talks about the driver like it is a separate thing to download and

Anyone can clear things up ?

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