Hi all,

I am struggling with a dynamic group and scheduled job issue.

I have a largish tree with approx 100,000 accounts. I need to run a
scheduled job that tracks accounts for an end date becoming current. Once
current or in the past the account is dealt with accordingly.

To help with performance I would like to use dynamic groups to scope only
those accounts that have an end date set on the account, as only a subset do
at any one time.

So I created my dynamic group, the members are populated correctly. I then
changed my job to be scoped using the dynamic group membership.

However when I run the job I always get the following message:

"operations on all 0 objects succeeded".

As though the job does not have sight of the dynamic group membership.

If I use a normal group and populate the membership manually the the job
scopes the members of the group and runs without a problem.

I am running eDir 8.8.3 and IDM 3.6.1 on Sles 10 sp2

Do jobs support dynamic groups ?

Any thoughts anyone ?

Thanks in advance.