Originally all our accounts were created in eDirectory to IDM Vault then
to AD and placed under the correct Facility OU.

Now we are in transition of changing the flow. Some Facilities will be
creating accounts in AD.

I'm attempting to write the placement rule

The DirXML-ADContext of a user will look something like the one below
but the user account could be deeper in the AD directory.

CN=userID,OU=department,OU=facilityName,OU=Facilit ies,dc=domainName,dc=org

If I use string-before I can get drop the
",OU=Facilities,dc=domainName,dc=org" and assign the result to a local

What I want to get out of the remaining string is the OU=FacilityName
but since there is no standard on how deep the userId is placed and I
can't figure out how to isolate the OU=facilityName so that it will work
every time using string funtions. (I only very occasionally write

I was looking at the driver a consultant wrote for the accounts created
in AD and it looks like he used a parseDN function to do it but I'm not
sure how it works and I'm not finding any good documentation on it.

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