That should work with the caveat that after you batch add them, you will
need to go into iManager and edit one of them so it can calculate the
union of all the filter attributes for the Entitlement Service driver.

-Father Ramon

celsolima wrote:
> I need to create several group entitlement policies, and I was wondering
> if I could do that in a text file and upload them with ldapadd. Using
> ldapsearch I got all the attributes of a template policy, edit it in
> text file, added a different name and then add it to the tree with
> ldapadd.
> To the extent of my knowledge, I was able to get everything configured
> with the exception of the group name, since it is part of one of the
> encrypted attributes. Is that a reliable way to upload those entitlement
> policies?
> Unfortunately the creation of more than 3 policies in iManager becomes
> a very tedious process after the 3rd policy. :-)
> Although I will eventually have to update the group name in each
> policy, it cuts down the amount of repetitive work.
> Any thoughts on that?