Create a dynamic group with a filter that will select the users you want
and point the job at the dynamic group.


Just use a job that sends a single trigger and use a query to iterate
the users - make sure you set a reasonably small max results (which
really means page size, not total results).

-Father Ramon

ratclma wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a very large user OU with 10's of thousands of users. I want
> to use a job to correct an attribute on a certain set of users within
> the OU. I want to make the change by having a rule which is kicked off
> by a trigger. When selecting scope the only options seem to be an OU or
> an individual object.
> If I want to select a group of users who all have the same co or some
> other attribute.
> I assume I need to write the rule to act on the trigger job and the
> attribute then set the scope for the job to the User OU, which is ok but
> it will mean the driver will process each user in the OU and only apply
> the rule to those that meet the criteria.
> Is there anyway to make the driver only process the appropriate users?
> e.g. have the job set the scope based on attribute values so it then
> only processes the appropriate users
> Thanks
> Mark